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[ # ] Michael Bolton is a baritone barista!
February 15th, 2017 under Michael Bolton

It has been a while since I have heard any new music from Michael Bolton, so it looks like he is finding alternative ways to make money because how is he supposed to live with out it? One of those ways was working as someone who sings coffee drink orders at a coffee cafe. People loved him as the singing barista, but has he hit hard times and that is why is doing that job?

Nope, he was just promoting his sex-inducing Netflix special Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special with Vanity Fair. Things I have learned about the crooner in the last week, is that he has a really dry sense of humor and that so turns me on. When a woman a loves a man for his humor I can’t keep my mind on nothin’ else. Therefore, if you want to Netflix & Chill this weekend with or with out someone, do with it Michael Bolton!

And seriously, someone needs to give him a comedy because it would be hysterical! It’s what the world needs now!


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