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[ # ] Miami Medical is coming to CBS on April 2nd
January 9th, 2010 under CBS

On April 2nd CBS will be airing a new medical drama called Miami Medical and today the cast and the producers talked about the show at CBS’s The Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour Day. The latest Jerry Bruckheimer drama takes place in Miami and deals with traumas from the actual incident until the person goes home or doesn’t make it.
Here is what they had to say about the show.

The EP said they changed the title of Miami Trauma to Miami Medical because of Trauma. He then said that NBC’s Trauma should have been called EMTs because it is more about the EMTs than the Trauma.

The location of Miami will be a part of the show. One of the EPs said he experienced a real trauma and he understands what it is like. He said that you wake up and see the beauty of the sun in Miami, and would never expect that your life could be turned around in an instant with a trauma and you need the help.

Lana Parrilla said even though she is Puerto Rican she did not grow up speaking Spanish. Three years ago she started taking Spanish classes and that helps her for the role where she plays a woman who escaped Cuba when she was 5 years old with her family. We learn that some of her character’s family that escaped with her when she was 5 did not make it out alive and the family that did were her dad and grandfather who were both surgeons in Cuba. Growing up with them is what influenced her character to become a doctor.

Jeremy Northam was asked if Hugh Laurie has given him any advice to play the role because they are both English playing doctors in America. He said I don’t know Hugh Laurie. Great answer to a stupid question.

There will be sex on Miami Medical! Sex is always good!!! And since this show will be airing at 10p on Fridays, let’s hope they can push the envelope with it.

Episode 12 will be like 24 minus a clock where it will be close to real time.

All in all Miami Medical will be a great way to end the week, so make sure to check it out when it premieres on CBS at 10p on April 2nd!



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