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[ # ] Meet Symba the 35 lbs cat!
June 16th, 2017 under Animals

I have a 16 lbs cat and I think she is huge. She has nothing on Symba who weighs 35 lbs. The 6-year-old pussy was recenly brought into the Humane Rescue Alliance by their owner who was not able to take him to the nursing facility with them according to Today.

Instead, he is looking for a new home and HRA is getting him back into shape. Even though he is healthy as is, they feel he will be a lot healthier and happier if he loses 15 pounds. Therefore, they have put the lovable cat on a diet and are giving him some exercise to shed the extra weight. As you can see below, he is off to a good start!

If you want to adopt, you can contact Human Rescue Allience. If he was not in New York City, I would give him a furever home in an instant. Even though he would be a bad influence on my kitty who already loves to eat and sleep and eat.


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