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[ # ] Medium sees a new network tonight!
September 25th, 2009 under CBS

Medium is back tonight on its new network at 9p and being paired with Ghost Whisperer on CBS is a perfect fit for the show. Last season the show ended on that other network with Allison’s life in flux after having surgery to remove a brain tumor. This season it picks with Allison awake a few months after her surgery, but suffering from the effects of the stroke and the loss of her power. She goes to Devalos to ask for her job back and he takes her back even though she can no longer see the dead. Besides dealing with no longer having her dreams, partial paralysis from the stroke and being out of work, she still has her family to deal with. Joe is being understanding as usual. but how much is he going to take? How will Allison deal without having her dreams? Will she still be able to help stop crimes and catch the bad guys? Find out tonight and every Friday night on 9p on CBS to find out all the answers to those questions? Plus this is a really good show that was given the chance to start over on a network that actually believes in them for the first time in a really long time!
And don’t forget to check out Ghost Whisperer at 8p to watch Melinda become a mom to a son who has inherited her ability!


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