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[ # ] Meat Loaf gives a health update
January 24th, 2019 under Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman

Meat Loaf has had several health issues throughout his career. Now it looks like being a Bat Out of Hell has caught up with the 71-year-old. That is because today the singer tweeted, “Living in constant pain is a pain. I just what to go to work. Love you all. May you never know constant pain. Those that do I feel for you. God bless you Meat.”

Hopefully, they will figure out what is causing the pain and give him some relief. This way he can go back on the road and perform. If you have never seen him live, he puts on one helluva show. Worth every penny.

On another note, does Bat Out of Hell only come on any else playlist whenever they stuck in traffic. Or is it just me? It is the worst song to hear in a motionless car that has nowhere to go and all you want to do is be like the song title. When you on a clear highway, it is the best because you put the pedal to the medal and feel the air rushing past you as you go the speed limit. Hey, a traffic cop could be reading this.


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