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[ # ] Matthew McConaughey clarifies if he will run for Governor of Texas
March 12th, 2021 under Matthew McConaughey

For weeks, there have been rumors that Matthew McConaughey wants to run for Governor of his home state of Texas. This morning, when he was on Today, and Al Roker asked him that very question.

“Look, it’s a very honorable consideration,” McConaughey told him. “So am I considering that? Sure, it’s a great thing and an honorable thing to be able to consider.

“What I’ve gotta choose for myself is, I want to get into a leadership role in the next chapter of my life. Now, what role am I gonna be most useful in? I don’t know that that’s in a political position, or if that’s me as a free agent. It might be me as a free agent. So that’s something I’m personally working on is what is my position of most use in a leadership role.”

I think he would be more than an alright, alright, alright Governor. I would vote for him if I lived there. Since I don’t. I will convince my Texan cousins to vote for him.

Plus, I am sure he will get a lot more votes after they watch his virtual fundraiser on March 21st at 8p EST. We’re Texas is raising money for the people who are suffering from the recent Texas storm. That is what he is doing to help his neighbors, what is the current governor doing? Nothing, but passing the blame.


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