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August 22nd, 2017 under Friends (cast)

Even though Matt LeBlanc just turned 50 less than a month ago, he told Conan O’Brien that he is ready to retire. Then he explained to the TBS late night host why he wants to do so by saying, “I’d like to retire earlier than later because I would like to do not a f*cking thing.”

Since he has been acting for around 30 years and has earned more money than you and I can imagine, thanks to Friends; he does not need to work another day in his life. He can stay at all home all day, ride his bulldozer and be perfectly content.

But then Conan suggested that he spend his retirement hanging out on his show. An idea that sounded so good to the actor that he declared, “I quit!” And with that Joey is a retired man without a plan.

Before you freak out, he will not be retiring any time soon because he is still busy hosting BBC’s Top Gear and starring in Man with a Plan. Although, the way CBS has been getting rid of people on their programs, they can kill him off just like they did with the wife Kevin Can Wait. Which might be a good thing because Matt Cook should be the star of that show. That and let’s be honest LeBlanc cannot act since he did Friends. I do not know what it was about that sitcom, except for Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox, the rest of the actors forgot how to act after that show. Aniston and LeBlanc were better performers before Friends.


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