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[ # ] Mark Wahlberg mostly only reads good reviews
August 17th, 2018 under Marky Mark

Vanity Fair invited Mark Wahlberg to do a lie detector test and he accepted. One of the questions they asked Marky Mark is if he reads the reviews about his movies. He said he reads the good ones, and every now again he peaks at the bad ones. He has his people only send him the good ones.

Let’s be honest, maybe if he read more of the bad ones he might be a much much much better actor. Criticism hurts, but it also helps to make you better. And we know he has room for improvement. He might have chart-topping movies, but he will never win an Oscar for his acting.

There was not much else that came out of this test. We did learn he is sometimes mistaken for Matt Damon and does not correct the person who got it wrong. He thinks Wahlburgers has the second best hamburgers out there. The first is his own. And he never remembers saying, “Say hello to your mother for me.” Finally, he still writes rap songs, but don’t expect him to release an album anytime soon.


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