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[ # ] Mandy Patinkin has some great love advice
June 6th, 2018 under James Corden, Mandy Patinkin

Shawn Mendes was on The Late Late Show yesterday and James Corden wanted to know if he has ever been set up on dates. The singer said he has not. That is when Mandy Patinkin told him if he meets a girl that does not know who he is, then he should marry her.

Patinkin knows about love because he has been married to the same woman 38 years. The Homeland actor revealed it was love at first sight, but he did not start dating her until the play they were in was over. That is because before that he was in a play and dated this woman who played his lover. He was head over heels for her and then she dumped him 6 weeks into a four-month production. Talk about awkward. You cannot blame him for not wanting to go through that again.

Back to his wife, when the show, that they were in, was over, he took her out to brunch and told her they were going to get married. She said she was he going to get hurt. Now almost 40 years later, she has yet to hurt him.

But wait, where is that love advice you said he had? On their first date, he gave her some yellow button mums. Why not roses? He explained, “That is my simple advice for people just starting out. Pick a cheap flower so you can afford it all through your life.” Which is very sweet. Because no matter whether the times are good or bad financially, he will always be able to bring home your flower. I would cherish that more than a dozen red roses. Well, if we married. When we are dating, I would want to dump the cheap bastard.

Ladies and gentleman, what do you think of that love tidbit?


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