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[ # ] Man vs. Bear is a surprisingly great competition show
December 4th, 2019 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+

When I heard about the competition show Man vs. Bear coming to Discovery tonight at 9p, I thought the concept was sick. I was like what person thinks they can beat a bear. That and why would a person risk their lives for a TV show. Then I watched the above clip of the first challenge, and I was like I have to learn more about it. Turns out, I had the screener, so I watched it. MvB is now my newest addiction.

First off, I would like to say no bears were hurt in the making of this show. I cannot say the same about the humans.

Bart, Honey Bump, and Tank are three rescued Grizzlies who live in a sanctuary in Bear Mountain, Utah. They have a happy life and play a lot of games. Those games are turned into challenges that each week three humans will compete against the beast to see who can win.

For the first challenge, they play tug of war. The human is standing on a dock, and they have a rope tied around their torso. On the other side of the water, is a bear with the other end of the rope lying next to him. The bear picks it up, and the human sees how long they can stay on the dock before they find themselves in the water. Spoiler alert, not that long. Good thing they earn points for every two seconds they remain dry.

How will the humans do when they are in a race with the bear to roll a log that is taller than them further than the beast? When the beast reaches the finish line, the person needs to stop where they are. They get points by how many markers they pass.

All of those challenges made the contestants hungry, which is a good thing because now it is time for them to eat. They will be given five different foods that the bear eats, and they have to finish as many of the types of food before the bear finishes their plates. They get points for each food group they finish.

The final round for all three contestants is an obstacle course. They will each compete against the bear to see who can finish it first. They get points for each challenge they finished before the bear finished it all.

The person who scored the least amount of points is sent packing, which might be a good thing. That is because the two, with the highest points, are put in a metal ball, and the bear gets to roll them into a hole. The winner of this round has the chance of going to the finals with the other two highest-scoring competitors.

Each week, the challenges will change. What won’t change is how the dumb humans think they can beat a 1,400 lbs bear. What were they thinking? I think they are stupid, but the show is smart. It humbles the beast and I am not talking about the bears. Nice to see man being cut down to size.

If you want to learn more about the bears and where they live, then check out Discovery to learn more about the three bears.


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