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[ # ] Make a date you don’t want to break with The Game of Dating!
January 31st, 2017 under TV One

The Game of Dating debuts on TV One tonight at 8p and you are going to love this game show that is unlike anything you have seen before on television.
Three teams of friends, sit in three different living rooms and they all watch the same blind date to predict what is going to happen next. They are all given 4 choices and they each guess which answer they think is the correct one. If they guess correctly, they earn money. If they guess incorrectly, they get nothing. By the end of the second date whoever has the most money wins $10,000 and the others go home with what they accumulated. Kind of like most dates on the show.
What makes the show hosted by Tony Rock (Chris Rock’s hotter brother) even better is they give commentary on the dates that makes you feel as though you are watching it with them. We’ve all commented on a date that we’ve seen happening right in front of us at a restaurant or coffee shop, imagine doing it for money?
Not only does that make you want to watch The Game of Dating, it also makes you want to be a contestant on the game show! You don’t have to be smart like on Jeopardy. You don’t have to dress up like they do on Let’s Make a Deal. You don’t have spell like they do on Wheel of Fortune. All you have to do is watch two dates and use your love knowledge to guess how it is going to turn out.
On that note, I wonder how they got these couples to be on the show. Were they told they were auditioning for Andy Cohen’s Love Connection?
Thankfully, the show isn’t about them! It is about us watching people watching them for money. Wait, that doesn’t sound good! Thankfully, the The Game of Dating is very good.


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