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[ # ] Madonna has a 25-year-old boyfriend
December 30th, 2019 under Madonna
Madonna is 61, and her boyfriend is just 25 years old. That is just two years older than her oldest child.

According to TMZ, she has been dating her dancer, Ahlamalik Williams, for over a year and his dad says it is getting serious. No word if his dad is older or younger than his potential daughter-in-law. Considering she was around 36 when he was born, we can assume he is younger than the singer.

Well, now we might know why Madonna has been in such extreme pain recently. Her vajayjay has not seen this much action since she was 25. It is not used to all of that sex at her age. I don’t think most women, over 60, are getting it that much. However, she is Madonna, and the material girl can still get it on like a virgin. Did I cross the borderline with that joke?


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