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[ # ] Looks like we are going to go 23 days without Paris Hilton!!!
June 2nd, 2007 under Paris Hilton

 (photo from Flynet)
Sheriff Lee Baca said that Paris Hilton will not be allowed to do TV interviews while she is in jail. In fact they are going through aggressive steps to bar cameras from being smuggled in to the jail according to AP. Baca said, "Paying a debt to society should not be an element of her celebrity. Her occupation is publicity, but no one should profit in jail." He also said we won't get the money shots of her "seen in handcuffs … or in the back of a police car, forlorn and in handcuffs." Even though he is giving her that special treatment on the outside she won't be getting it on the inside he added she will "experience her incarceration as all other women will experience it. She won't get better food, she won't get different lockup time or a different environment." Baca also said she has not been assigned a cellmate as previously reported. 
What are we going to do with 23 days of no Paris Hilton? Besides not miss her!


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