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[ # ] Liz & Dick makes it triumph debut tonight!
November 25th, 2012 under Lifetime, Lindsay Lohan

Tonight at 9p the most anticipated TV Movie of the year debuts on Lifetime and you don’t want to miss Liz & Dick!
The biggest problem with Liz & Dick is not Lindsay Lohan’s acting, but the fact that it is like an ’80s biopic miniseries condensed into a 2 hour movie. That means that each scene is about a minute long and you are exhausted by the end of it because it goes by so fast. If this were a 6-hour miniseries; then it would be Lindsay’s acting holding it back, but since it isn’t it just feels like a big rush to cover the love affair without covering it all.
Liz & Dick tells their story from the day they met until they got married for a second time. So we see how Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton hate each other at first, but then you watch as the two of them have one of Hollywood’s greatest love affairs.
The telemovie spends a lot of time on the filming of Cleopatra, but skips over how much trouble it was to get the movie released because of their affair. The two of them are seen filming another movie together, but they neglected all the other movies they filmed as a couple during that time. You see them spend time with their kids, but you never find out they adopted a child when they were married. A big moment in Richard Burton’s life and his decline was when his brother feel down some steps at his house and was left paralyzed. His brother’s eventual death from it, is what is rumored to have caused him to drink uncontrollably but the film just mentions the accident and his death without any consequences. In fact it doesn’t explain what split them up the first time. Although it touches very quickly what brought them together for a second time.
Seriously this telemovie is so rushed, I bet there will be commercials that will air during it that will be longer than most of the scenes in the movie.
So what about Lindsay’s acting, she looks the role but she doesn’t sound it. Lohan can only do one accent, her own. So throughout the whole movie all you hear is her instead of voice closer to Liz’s. Can I say her acting is bad, not really because there is barely any acting it because it is so rushed.
There are two major complaints I have about Lohan in the movie. Lindsay smokes in about the half the movie, yes it was the times, but it was like come on put the cigarette down. Richard Burton was rumored to smoke around 100 cigs a day, yet Grant Bowler is barely seen smoking in it. The other problem is when Lohan dresses up as old Dame Elizabeth Taylor. She looks like a little girl trying to play a senior citizen on Halloween with a cheap wig. It is just so awful, you will find yourself laughing instead of crying. We should be crying because it is when we find out that Burton died, but it is so fast you don’t even shed a tear.
Now I have to say something nice about the movie, the chemistry between Lohan and Bowler is believable. Bowler does the best he can do in a sh!tty situation.
No matter what anyone tells you about the movie, you know you are going to watch to see if it is as bad as we all say. So I have come up with two drinking games for you to play. Game 1: every time Lindsay smokes, drink and every time she cries, chug. Game 2: every time they change a scene, drink. If you opt to play either game, then run to Trader Joe’s and get a case of Two Buck Chuck because everyone who plays the game is going to need a least bottle to get through the movie.
So have fun tonight watching Liz & Dick because it definitely is an experience!


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