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[ # ] Liv goes all hockey on iZombie, and the FBI visits the Good Girls
March 26th, 2018 under iZombie, NBC

Last week when iZombie left off, Major ate the brain of a wrestler. Tonight at 9p on The CW, Liz gets her sports on too. She eats the brain of a hockey player and has to solve his murder.

At first Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) loves the idea of Liv (Rose McIver) as a hockey player and then he realizes what that means. She is a full on dude, you know the type. Much different than last week’s romantic girly girl. Think that time she was a frat dude but worse.

Liv sees that the dead guy and their lead suspect have ties to Renegade. Renegade is still being held by Fillmore-Graves and they are going to make an example of her. When they do, it changes what is going to happen next for the show.

And that is only one glimpse of the change that is happening. Peyton is seeing first hand that things are getting way more complicated between the peaceful cohabitation of the Zombies and the humans in new Seattle. How much longer can they live in harmony before it becomes and us vs them scenario.

Translation, tonight’s game changing episode is one you do not want to miss. Let’s be honest, are any of their episodes one you want to miss? You never what they are going to give McIver to do and she always nails it!

Then at 10p but over on NBC, as we saw at the end of last week’s episode, the FBI has come knocking on Good Girls door. Beth (Christina Hendricks) tells the agent, she does not know anything. But he is not letting up. How does knowing the FBI is on her case change how she does things?

Not like she is going to have a choice because Rio (Manny Montana) drops the money in all of their trunks and there are no backsies. Now they have no choice but to spend it or pay Rio back $100,000. As we know they don’t have it. It all goes perfectly until Annie (Mae Whitman) screws it up again. You will never believe what they have to do to save her.

Talking about saving, Ruby’s (Retta) daughter collapses and her kidneys are failing. Is her daughter’s illness going to take her out of the game or make her go all in?

It is a lot for them to handle, but they made their mess. And next week, they will…I cannot tell you that just yet.


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