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[ # ] Lindsay Lohan steers the attention away from Amanda Bynes
September 19th, 2012 under Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan

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Almost two days after Lindsay Lohan went off on Amanda Bynes on Twitter for not seeing the inside of a police station as much as her, the Disney actress found herself back in one. According to TMZ Lohan was arrested this morning for allegedly hitting a man in the back of his leg with her car while driving in a NYC hotel and then fleeing the scene. They added since it was a misdemeanor she was booked and released.
TMZ then posted another article saying that there is video of the incident and that when two cops viewed it, one thought she grazed him while the other thought she missed him completely. They will find out soon enough because TMZ also said he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. So if he was injured the doctors will be able to prove it.
What they will not be able to prove is if the guy was a Nickelodeon fan or Disney one? The one thing that is for sure is that Amanda Bynes is a fan of this guy because it takes the bad driving slack off of her for a little while…at least.
BTW I hope that some where in Hollywood there is a producer pitching a show to a network with these two actresses starring in the show. It could be about two female race car drivers that are competing to be #1 and they hate each other. There will be lots of driving scenes and even more crashes. I would watch because in a way we already do.


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