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[ # ] Lily Allen rejects Piers Mogan on Twitter
January 14th, 2011 under Lily Allen

Piers Morgan has a new show coming on CNN and he is begging celebs via Twitter to be on his show. Well Lily Allen responded to his request with a huge NO, but it wasn’t until she Piers and her went back and forth on it.

Lily: Just been asked to do Piers Morgan live stories. Ummmmmmmm……………….

Piers: Come on you big wuss, you know you want to.. RT @lilyroseallen Just been asked to do Piers Morgan live stories. Ummmmmmmm……………….

Lily: @piersmorgan how muuuuuuch ?

Piers: @lilyroseallen Do you mean how much do you have to pay me for this career-enhancing interview?

Lily: @piersmorgan oh and I am many things, a wuss is definitely not one of them.

Piers: @lilyroseallen I know you’re not a wuss. I was goading you into saying yes.

Piers: @lilyroseallen ps I also know that part of you thinks you can take me down on national TV. Good luck with that one little lady…

Lily: Wow,judging by your responses Piers Morgan seems to be just a little marmitey.

Piers: @lilyroseallen I love marmite. Bet you do, too.

Lily: @piersmorgan I don’t need to enhance my career piers, the only way I would justify coming on your show would be to give money to a charity.

Lily: @piersmorgan a charity that helps women to overcome the kind of grief that I have had to experience.

Lily: @piersmorgan Those are my terms. I’ve got no interest in coming on your show, you’ve been asking me for years.

Piers: @lilyroseallen I think that would be a very honourable reason to do the show.

Piers: @lilyroseallen No woman should ever have to go through what you went through. Sadly, I know a few who have, and it’s heart-breaking.

Piers: @lilyroseallen A million what? If it’s Chilean pesos, we have a deal.

Piers: ps @lilyroseallen I’m interviewing George Clooney about his campaigning work in the Sudan today. He doesn’t want a penny, just awareness

Piers: @lilyroseallen If you’ve got no interest in coming on my show, why have we been negotiating for the last hour? Or are you just a tease?

Piers: Final word @lilyroseallen – I will get ITV to make substantial five figure donation to your charity for the interview. Think about it.

Piers: @lilyroseallen You’ll change your mind. They always do. Right, must dash – Clooney awaits.

Lily: @piersmorgan No.

Piers: Got ‘Never Gonna Happen’ by @lilyroseallen playing on the Macbook Pro. Lyrics seem apt given our little Twitter tussle yesterday.

Seeing Piers Morgan just reconfirmed to me why I have absolutely no intention to watch his show.


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