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[ # ] Last Light asks what if oil was corrupted
September 8th, 2022 under Peacock

Matthew Fox returns to TV in another suspenseful show that will leave you on the edge of your seat from the beginning until the end.

Last Light, which debuted today on Peacock , starts out with Andy Yeats (Fox) alone in an Arabian desert during a sandstorm. The show then travels back two days, and he is with his family celebrating his blind 8-year-old’s son birthday with his wife and older daughter, Laura (Alyth Ross). Elena (Joanne Froggatt) is getting ready for her son Sam’s (Taylor Fay) surgery that could reverse his blindness.

Elena expects her husband to be there with her, but the oil scientist is called away at the last minute by his company for an emergency. He promises his wife that he will be back in time for his son’s surgery.

However, when he gets to where they wanted him to go, he finds out that oil all over the world has been contaminated. Almost immediately, planes and cars start crashing, and power grids start failing.

It looks as though Andy will not make it back to his family. Not only for the surgery but in general. That is because he is one of the only people who can reverse the damage that has been done, and people are willing to kill him to stop that from happening.

So, Andy is going to do everything in his power, when there is none, to get back to his family. But also save the world from the crisis that is destroying it.

While we witness what he is going through, we will see how the rest of the world is suffering from the collapse of oil. It looks like the end of times. So will he make it back to his family and save the world from the chaos? We will have to tune in every Thursday to find out.

And we are going to want to find out because this could happen in our reality. Sometimes that is scarier than anything we can imagine. So this show could be considered a warning. And can prepare us for that…


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