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[ # ] Lady Gaga was the Oscars biggest and best surprise!
February 23rd, 2015 under Lady Gaga, Oscars
Let’s be honest last night’s Oscars were more boring than the 8 Best Picture nominees combined. Neil Patrick Harris needs a break and we need a break from him. The producers and him both made the telecast more about themselves and not about the movies and winners.
There were two highlights from last night. When I heard on the pre-show that Lady Gaga was going to do a tribute to The Sound of Music, I thought what a time waster. But that notion was completely wiped out of my mind as soon as she sang her first note from The Hills Are Alive. Who knew? I am fan of hers, but even I didn’t know she had that great of performance in her. Someone cast her in a movie musical ASAP. Preferably something by Andrew Lloyd Weber, but I don’t care I just want to hear her do more Broadway. Could you imagine her doing Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors? Seriously, how blown away were you by her performance?
Then there was that sweet moment between Idina Menzel and John Travolta. Adele Dazeem finally got her revenge on Glom Gazingo, I mean John Travolta. When it comes to him touching her face, that is how he has always been and how he will always be, so get over it.
Now I want to get back to the self-serving Oscar producers, Neil Meron and Craig Zadan. First they had Shirley MacClaine, who starred in their movie Steel Magnolias, present at The Oscars just days after she said people who died in the Holocaust deserved it for past sins. F*ck her. Then they had Jennifer Hudson sing a song from Smash, a show they produces, after the very weak In Memoriam. Finally, they did a tribute to The Sound of Music, they produced a live production of the musical for NBC in 2013. I mean, they have made the show about themselves before, but yesterday it was just blatant. AMPAS, it’s time for new producers. Looking at the ratings, I know I am not alone. Don’t get me wrong, I respect them when they do what they do best and the Oscars is not that.
What did you think of the Oscarzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?


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