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[ # ] LA to Vegas takes flight tonight and you want to be on board with this show
January 2nd, 2018 under Dylan McDermott Dermot Mulroney, Fox

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens on a the flight from LA to Vegas is a very high-in-the-sky-larious sitcom debuting on Fox tonight at 9p!

Every weekend, Captain Dave Pratman (Dylan McDermott) pilots a flight on Jackpot Airlines from LA to Vegas. He is a throwback to the pilots from the ’70s. You know, the ones who drink too much, are completely full of themselves and are also pure sex machines. His co-pilot, Alan (Amir Talai), is quiet, but would do anything to be the captain.

Then there are the flight attendants, Bernard (Nathan Lee Graham) and Ronnie (Kim Matula). Bernard is the cool under pressure steward, who is the sane one in all of the madness during their short weekly journies. Ronnie on the other hand is so over the job and just like the wacky passengers on board with her.

Talking about the passengers, there are three who do the trek with them every week for much different reasons. Artem (Peter Stormare), goes there to play the games. He loves betting and will bet on anything. He is also a wheeler and dealer who loves to have fun. Nichole (Olivia Macklin) is a stripper, who tries to recruit the female passengers and get the males ones to go see her take her clothes off. Finally, there is Colin (Ed Weeks) who travels back and forth to see his son who lives in the city of sin. Sin is what him and Ronnie want to be doing but things seem to keep getting in their way.

Tonight’s episode is your typical pilot that lets you meet the people who put the nuts in airline peanuts. Next week, they contend with a man who dies on the flight and what to do with his dead body. But it is the third episode you really want to watch. That is because Dermot Mulroney guest stars as Dylan McDermott’s replacement. If you could not tell them apart before this episode, it will be even harder after you finally see the two of them acting together.

Actually, you want to check out all of their episodes because I think it is the best new comedy of the 2017-2018 season. This sitcom brings Modern Family’s Steve Levitan back to his roots of pushing the envelope comedies with heart like Greg the Bunny, Stacked and Oliver Beene. Thirty minutes of outrageous laughs that make you glad to tuned in for all of them. Plus, it is perfectly paired with The Mick, another show you should be watching to make your days feel so much better.


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