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[ # ] Kumail Nanjiani reveals how his buff bod has changed him
January 29th, 2020 under Conan O'Brien

A few months ago, Kumail Nanjiani showed off his bodacious bod, and the internet went crazy. So much so, he was featured on PornHub as a Muscular Man, and they gave a free subscription to their premium videos for ten years. Which he is enjoying.

Yesterday, when he finally showed up for his appearance on Conan, he talked about those new muscles. Not just the one arm! Anyways, does he feel stronger? Nanjiani admitted, “No. These muscles are decorative. They don’t do anything.”

Since they don’t do anything, does that mean he hasn’t changed because he has them? He says, “I am slightly less interesting because I do talk about working out a lot.” Then he added, “And I am slightly less funny.”

Something he did say that was funny, is that he thought about canceling on Conan O’Brien again. You see, back in July, the actor canceled on the talk show at the last minute, and they filled his spot with Conan’s assistant. Nanjiani thought it would be funny if he did it again. However, he did not do it.

The actor also apologized for canceling because he was stuck taping Silicon Valley. To show Conan how sorry he is, he promises never to do another episode of the show. Isn’t that nice of him not to do any more episodes for the show that has wrapped filming of its final season?


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