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[ # ] Kristin Chenoweth hits a high note when she orgasms
December 5th, 2019 under Conan O'Brien, Kristin Chenoweth

One of the many reasons I love Conan O’Brien is that you never what direction his interviews are going to go. For example, yesterday, he was talking to her Kristin Chenoweth, and he asked her about harmonizing with different sounds like fire alarms. She then demonstrated how she can harmonize with a clock alarm.

When she was done, Conan tried to do it. Chenoweth told him to stop and never to sing again. Which he took as an invitation to do. Andy Richter said the face he makes is worse than his singing. Conan calls it his orgasm face.

Not to be outdone, Chenoweth asked if we wanted to see her face during the big O? Of course, they did, so we did. Not only did she show it to us, but she also let us her what her lover hears. A high note that could make the snake rise up from the trousers. Or go back in. It depends on the snake!


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