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[ # ] Kristen Bell explains why she wears gloves in the pool
August 9th, 2018 under Jimmy Kimmel, Kristen Bell

A few weeks ago, Dax Sheppard was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he revealed that his wife likes to wear gloves in the pool. Yesterday, when Kristen Bell was on the ABC late night she explained why.

If she touches or is touched by pruney skin, it makes her want to hurl. When she told one of her friends about it, that buddy told her about gloves that divers wear in the water to protect their hands. Now, thanks to those gloves, she can touch her children in the pool and not throw up them. Which will save her some money in therapist fees later on.

Kimmel did not want her to feel that she is alone with this phobia, so he created a commercial just for her called Pulgluvia. Now you too can get the gloves that protect you from the nasty touch of wrinkled fingertips.

Actually, even though they joked that she is the only person who suffers from this, a quick Google search will tell she is not. There is no name for it, so I say we name it after her. Let’s call it WetTintinnabulumobia. Tintinnabulum, is the Latin word for bell.

If you that video of Kristen Bell talking about sloths on Ellen was her cutest talk show moment, this one is even more awwwwwwdorable.


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