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[ # ] Krispy Kreme celebrates the Total Solar Eclipse
April 2nd, 2024 under Fast Food

Krispy Kreme has loved space-related events since 1969, when they served donuts at the moon launch viewing site. So they are going to celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse starting on April 5th with a donut.

The Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut is an Original Glazed® Doughnut dipped in black chocolate icing, adorned with silver sprinkles, piped with a buttercream made with OREO® pieces, and a whole OREO® cookie in the center.

“Eclipses are rare and so is our out-of-this-world Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut. Even if you can’t be in the path of totality you can get in the path of these treats, which you will eat in totality. Stop by and get some for you and some to share so you can flex your science side and great taste at the same time,” said Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme.

I can’t wait to eat one of those on the 8th when I look up at the sky to see the sun disappear for four minutes.

Don’t wait too long to try them. Like the Eclipse, they are only available for four days.


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