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[ # ] KJ Apa never looked sexier than he looked here 
April 18th, 2022 under KJ Apa

Tucker Carlson is doing a series on what makes a man, and the man, who I assume, has a tiny penis, thinks it is based on testosterone levels. He is wrong.

What makes a man is one who will read Goodnight Moon to his infant son. So, tell me who is more manly than KJ Apa spending some quality time with 6-month-old Sasha Vai Keneti.

We know the Riverdale star is sexy as hell on a normal day. However, he has never looked sexier than he does here. Because sexiness is not only based on how you look, it is mostly about what you do. And being a good, loving father is the most masculine thing a man can do. Well, that and be a fantastic lover.


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