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[ # ] Killer Kites takes movies to a new height or low. Depending on how you look at it!
May 2nd, 2023 under Movies

Remember when we thought that Cocaine Bear was going to be the movie of the year? Well, that was too early of a prediction.

That is because today we learned the true movie of the year, and it is Killer Kites.

The title is self-explanatory. But in case it isn’t. Here is the description: When Abby’s grandma dies, the only thing she inherits is a stupid kite. After giving it to her brother; he is mysteriously killed, and the kite disappears. While searching for the truth, she is tangled in a strange supernatural plot where this killer kite continues to kill! Now, Abby must string together a way to stop the kite before it blows us all away. Kites may not be the scariest monster ever, but they’re up there.

It is not only that the movie is based on kites going around killing people; it is everything that they included in the trailer. The bad puns, the cheap special effects, the fact they have to position the kites to kill them, and so much more that they didn’t include.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the film on digital on May 26th. However, releasing it during Memorial Day Weekend, the height of kiting season could cause nightmares throughout the United States. So now my plans for the holiday just went up, up, and away.

And I just have to say; I watch a lot of bad horror movies that are in on the joke, like this one. However, I still wonder how they come up with ideas like this. What happened to the creator with kites that they made came up with this concept?

UPDATE: Due to the demand to see this movie ASAP, after the buzz it got from the release of the trailer, they decided to release it on digital today. So watch it now, or anytime you want, because you know that once is not going to be enough.


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