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[ # ] Kevin Hart is ‘over it’ and I am over him
January 9th, 2019 under Kevin Hart

Ever since I saw Kevin Hart take a Lyft with Ice Cube and Conan O’Brien, I thought he was funny. I like the way he plays off of Cube and later with The Rock. Even though, I find his movies are painful to watch.

Then his old tweets came back to haunt him. I thought he did the right thing by stepping down from the Oscars. That was the last thing he did that was right.

He went onto Ellen DeGeneres’ show last week and played the victim. He is not the victim. All he needed to do was show remorse and this would have been over. Instead, he acts like he is the one that is wronged and he is angry that his dream of hosting the Oscars was taken away from him. But it not all about him. It is how his words hurt a lot of people.

Today, when he was on Good Morning America, Michael Strahan asked him about the tweets again. The talk show host was doing everything he can to help Hart get out of this mess that he made so much worse, but the actor did not bite. Instead, he doubled down with anger and said he is over it and will not address the situation again. Like that will happen? Next press opportunity, they will ask him about it again and again.

When Strahan asked him if he can understand why people are upset by his tweets, he said if people can’t see that he comes from a place of love then he does not have time for them.

Well, Kevin, I don’t see it so I am done with you. You need to get over yourself because people don’t forget. Go see a crisis management publicist because this will not go away as long as you keep acting like someone with a Napoleon complex. Translation, a small man with a huge ego. This is going to follow you around, the same way the past still haunts Hugh Grant, Charlie Sheen and Michael Richards.

You yourself are hurting the success of The Upside, There could have been upside for you had you just shown some remorse. You didn’t and I am sure you lost a lot fans besides me. Think about that when you see a hit in your sales.


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