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[ # ] Kenan Thompson brought his mom to Stephen Colbert
December 19th, 2023 under Kenan Thompson, Stephen Colbert

Kenan Thompson wrote an autobiography, so he is doing a press tour to promote it.

Earlier this month, he was on The View, and he didn’t bring his mom with him. So he called her on the phone so that she could say hi to all the ladies.

Well, the Saturday Night Live star learned his lesson. And that is, don’t leave your mom at home. Therefore, when he was on The Late Show yesterday, he brought her with him.

And she loved having her time on camera when he announced that she was there.

Although, Stephen Colbert felt terrible that she had such bad seats. It wasn’t his show’s fault. She just ran late! But at least she got there.

And Kenan proved that he is such a good son, and his mom raised him right.

Case in point. As soon as Kenan walked out, he couldn’t stop praising the host. Proving that even though he has been acting for almost 30 years, he is still as humble now as he was when he started on All That in 1994.


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