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[ # ] Kenan and Kel went to the mall and no one knew who they were
March 16th, 2021 under Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson is a recognizable star, now. But that was not always the case for him. Back when he was starting out on Nickelodeon’s All That and Ken & Kel, he rarely got recognized even though he had a show named after him.

I mean, he told Conan O’Brien yesterday that he got recognized when he at Chuck-E-Cheese, but that is about it. One day, he and Kel Mitchell went to the mall, hung out in the middle of it, hoping someone would know who they were, and no one did. No one even asked him for directions.

In the mall-goers defense, it was the time of Tiffany. So if you weren’t singing at one, no one would know you are.

However, if he went to that mall today, I am sure someone would recognize him and ask for directions. Although, he does wear a lot of costumes on Saturday Night Live, so maybe not.

Unless they are watching him on his hilarious family sitcom Kenan, then they are sure to know who he is.


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