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July 5th, 2010 under 80s

A week ago Kelsey Grammer’s wife Camille suddenly filed for divorce and the rumor mill is buzzing about why. The Frasier star wants to clear the air and set the record straight about some of the gossip, so he blogged his side of the story on Kelsey Live.

For those of you who have expressed your concern, I have had a very interesting week to say the least. I would like to start out by saying that both Camille and I have sworn to avoid any public forum as we go through what is bound to be a difficult process. However, when faced with malicious and unfounded rumors, I will defend myself. Some comments have surfaced about Father’s Day. I don’t know who is generating them but the truth is that I did call my kids that evening. Frankly, I was surprised that they did not call me in the morning but I was thousands of miles away and working that day so I didn’t give it a second thought. I had texted Camille that morning to wish her Dad a Happy Father’s Day. I hoped that might serve as a reminder. I love my kids and I miss them terribly. Camille and I had actually discussed bringing the kids out for that weekend but the family was scheduled to come out the following week for the month of July. I thought: why have them fly to NY twice in the same week? Anyway, after the matinee, I and two of my old buddies drove up-state to spend a little time in the mountains. We stopped for dinner and when we got to the house (which has no cell service, by the way), I called them to see how they were doing as I do almost every night at around the same time, 11PM my time–8PM their time, just before they go to bed. Apparently, Mason had been upset earlier that day because she was missing me. I spoke to her for some time and reassured her that I loved her and that I would be seeing her soon. I have spoken to her and her brother Jude every day since and had called them every day before; perhaps it was foolish of me to expect a call on Father’s Day, but frankly I did.

A rumor from the “bottom of the barrel set” has surfaced about me and a dirty blond at a restaurant in NYC. It was April and we were seen smooching at Five Napkin Burger. The dirty blond was my daughter Spencer, who was visiting that entire month. I do take issue with the characterization that we were smooching but surely if that were the case then even I admit it might be newsworthy in some fashion. Certainly, the time will come when I do see another woman. I expect Camille to see other men. I hope people and the press will understand that we are both free to carry on with our lives. I ask that everyone remain discreet for the sake of our children; I will certainly do so.

I love that the dirty blond was his daughter Spencer, I guess whoever started the rumor isn’t a Greek fan.
Now back to his blog, Kelsey then went on to go that Camille and him were talking about separation for a while, but then she decided to file for divorce.


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