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[ # ] Katie Couric took Jimmy Kimmel to get a colonoscopy
March 21st, 2018 under Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel turned the big 5-0 in November and you know what that means. He is a member of AARP! Oh wait, that also means he has to get his first colonoscopy.

Katie Couric was more than thrilled to take him to get one because this is a cause close to her heart. Back in 1998, her husband, Jay Monahan, passed away from colon cancer at the age of just 42. Since then she has gotten several colonoscopies on television to show people how easy it is to get done.

This time, she changed it up and took the ABC late night host to get his colon videotaped. First she gave him that drink, you have all heard about it. Then she picked him at 5:30a and drove him to the hospital. In fact, she did everything but stick the camera up his butt hole.

When it was done, he found out he has a clean colon with no polyps! Hopefully more people will get one and find out they will get the same results.

BTW I think she made a wise choice by picking him. Why? Normally he is the butt of all jokes and now his butt was the joke.


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