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[ # ] Katherine Heigl actually thinks she is Emmy worthy again
June 4th, 2010 under Katherine Heigl

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So two years ago Katherine Heigl dissed the Grey’s Anatomy writers by saying what they wrote for her wasn’t Emmy worthy. Then last year they gave her cancer on the show and she submitted herself for a nomination, but the Emmy voters looked her over. This year Katherine Heigl dissed the producers of the show because she had to work long hours reportedly to accommodate her movie promotion schedule, took a hiatus to film a movie (that looks like crap) and then another one for maternity leave when she adopter her daughter before eventually quitting the show. Having said all of that, she still thinks she is still Emmy worthy because she has submitted herself for a Best Supporting Actress nomination according to Hollywood Insider. I am assuming she did so because the writers gave her a cancer storyline, even though she really didn’t get to play it out this season because she left to do other things. Plus she didn’t even shave head like her character who lost her hair due to the chemo. If she shaved her head, I might consider it but she didn’t even do that. To be honest I barely even remember her on the show this season, and what I do remember is she screwed up every seen she was in. While everyone else was great in the episode where they killed off George, every time she was on the screen I stopped crying because her performance was so much of a dud. Once she started laughing hysterically during his funeral scene, the whole episode went 6 feet under to me. I really hope she doesn’t get the nom because there are so many reasons why I think she doesn’t deserve it. I hope the Emmy voters give it to someone who appreciates acting and is grateful for the roles they are cast in!!!


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