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[ # ] Kate McKinnon is Mother Goose
August 7th, 2018 under Saturday Night Live, Sesame Street/Muppets

Kate McKinnon is used to dressing up on Saturday Night Live all the time, but most of the time she dresses up as monsters like Jeff Sessions. Sesame Street asked her to dress up for them. Although, they asked her to read about a monster and not be one.

Who is that monster? Why Elmo of course! He might not be your ordinary one, but he is one Mother Goose can write a nursery rhyme about. If more monsters were like him, the world would be a better place.

When it comes to McKinnon. It looks like she could totally have a career as the host of a kids show because the look really suits her. Or should I say the dress suits her? Better than the Ghostbusters’ one. That is a whole other story, one no kid or adult should know about.


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