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[ # ] Julie from The Real World worked as a temp at MTV after the show
March 9th, 2021 under CBS All Access

Back in 1992, MTV launched a little reality show called The Real World. For three months, everyone was captivated by the roommates’ lives. Therefore, you would think when the show ended; the cast would have no problem getting jobs. It was quite the opposite for everyone who wasn’t named Eric Nies.

Yesterday, the seven houseguests were on Shade 45, and he wanted to know what their lives were like after the show ended. Julie Gentry told him she was trying to make it as a dancer in NYC. However, she kept getting rejected from jobs because she Julie from The Real World. Since she needed to pay the rent, she took a job as a temp for MTV and Viacom to pay the bills. She says it was better than working as a waitress and having people recognize there.

Even though she had a rough time after the show, it all turned out OK for her. As we learned last week on The Real World Homecoming: New York, she is happily married with children.


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