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[ # ] Julia Fox claims that Kanye West has a big penis
November 23rd, 2022 under Kanye West, Showtime

Julia Fox was on Ziwe’s Showtime talk show and talked about how big Kanye West’s penis is. Well, she didn’t say it exactly; she had the host extend her hands to represent how big it is. And it appears to be big.

I don’t believe Fox because Kanye acts like someone who is compensating for a small penis. I mean, he is one of the hugest dicks out there, and that normally correlates to someone with a small dick.

Not all men with small dicks are big dicks. But most big dicks have a small one.

And I am the one grossed out now because I am picturing his penis. So gross.


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[ # 1269021 ] Comment from Rad [November 24, 2022, 10:00 am]

Didn’t need to know that.
Didn’t want to know that.
Wish I never got to know that.
Did not change my perceptions of the human (scum).
Makes me feel sorry for her that she felt compelled to share.

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