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[ # ] Joshua Malina had a run in with a ceiling fan and lost
August 7th, 2018 under Joshua Malina

Even though Joshua Malina wants to do a West Wing revival, he should really be trying to get one for ER. That is because the actor has recently been there twice. He explained, “Second trip to the ER this month, after dropping a heavy weight on my foot and shattering the bone a few weeks back. Whee!”

And whee explains his second visit. He somehow jumped into a ceiling fan and cut the top of his head open. Therefore, he spent yesterday getting stitches in his head.

Hopefully, the blade knocked some common sense into him because who jumps into a ceiling fan? They are kind of hard to miss.

And he needs to be careful with everything he does because you know what they say, hospital visits come in threes.



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