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August 2nd, 2021 under Josh Groban

Josh Groban has no problem sharing private details about his life. His latest share is the cherry on top. Or should I say bottom because that is where it is going to be coming out?

The singer was eating a bowl of cherries when he accidentally swallowed a pit. So, he asked his fans, how big of a tree will he be pooping? But all I could think is when he does, he will be thinking that he popped his cherry. I mean, pooped his cherry.

I am sure the former happened a long time ago. Who wouldn’t want to have sex with him just to hear what he sounds like when he orgasms. I know I want to hear what that sounds like because not only will you feel like you are in heaven, but you will be listening to the harps coming from his mouth. It will be Heaven on Earth! Oh baby, do you know what that is worth? Wrong singer.

I have to go play with another fruit after thinking about that…


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