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September 8th, 2015 under Josh Groban, Sesame Street/Muppets

Everyone was heartbroken when they found out that Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog broke up. Then to break our hearts even more, both of them moved on. Kermit is dating another pig named Denise (even though he says they are “just friends”) and she might be dating Josh Groban according to Entertainment Weekly. The singer and her started out as friends, and then things really started bacon, I mean, baking, for them! Now their oinkdorable love affair is coming to her ABC show The Muppets and all will be revealed in an upcoming episode.
Groban proves if you use your Pure Imagination, anything can happen. Anything like being cast as a love interest for Miss Piggy! Does it get any better than that for an actor?
The Muppets debuts on ABC, September 22nd at 8p.

UPDATE 1: Josh Groban’s other girlfriend, who is a cat, I mean Kat, purrfectly responded to her boyfriend’s new love interest on Twitter. Kat Dennings Tweeted, “I’m dating Kermit now so that’s cool.”

UPDATE 2: Josh Groban’s episode of The Muppets will air on September 29th. Here is a description from ABC, “Hostile Makeover – In an attempt to make Miss Piggy happy, Kermit sets her upwith Josh Groban who fills her head with ideas on how to make Up Late with Miss Piggybetter.”



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