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[ # ] Josh Brolin thinks he needs XL condoms
July 24th, 2018 under Josh Brolin

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Josh Brolin and his wife went shopping and he decided to pick up some condoms. Not your average condoms, but the ones that say XL on the box. As soon as Kathryn Boyd saw which ones he picked up, she told her husband, “I think those are too big for you.” To which he defensively replied, “They’re not.”

You know what he is right. Wait, am I saying he has a big Goonie? Nope, here is a little secret about XL condoms, they are the same size as regular ones. So if you want your man to feel special, then buy him a pack of those. If you want to feel special, then get the ones with warming lube on them. Remember, condoms are your friend!

Although I do not know why Brolin is using them since his wife is pregnant. It is is not like he needs them to prevent that.


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