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[ # ] Jon Cryer recreates his Duckie dance!
April 15th, 2015 under James Corden, Jon Cryer
Jon Cryer was on The Late Late Show yesterday to promote his memoir So That Happened, and he recreated his infamous dance scene from Pretty in Pink. In fact, he even recreated his Duckie look from his head to his toes. The number was pretty in every color of the spectrum and I enjoyed him.
What I didn’t enjoy was James Corden. Why? Why? Why do these late night hosts think they need to be the star of every bit? Why can’t they let the star be the star? Why couldn’t Corden taken a back seat and be the Molly Ringwald or Annie Potts in it? Why did he have to be Duckie when Duckie is already there? It took away from a great moment and crapped all over it. This isn’t the first time that Corden pissed me off, but this is the first time I am letting my voice be heard about it. I find him annoying and unlikable because he tries too hard. He’s like that smelly ugly dog that wants you to please please please take him home, but just want him to go away. I know it’s Corden show, but that doesn’t mean he has to be the star in everything. The true stars on the show are the stars! In fact, the more Corden tries, the harder it is for me to believe he truly was an actor before he was hosting TV shows. He doesn’t seem to have any talent. He’s like community theater as compared to all these other people on his show. Seriously, I really find it hard to believe he has a Tony on his mantel because he doesn’t impress me.
I feel for Stephen Colbert because they are going to be an awful fit together. I hope that they will remain separate entities when Colbert’s show debuts in September. You know what, Colbert and Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Fallon and Corden are better paired with each other than how they are currently paired. Don’t you agree since Corden is basically the British version of Fallon?
Since I can’t offer Corden any Tenderness, I will offer you some. Below is the original dance scene from Pretty In Pink!


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