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[ # ] Jon Bon Jovi’s son pranked him good!
March 31st, 2023 under Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi and his son, Jesse, are in the Rosé wine business together. Therefore, they spend a lot of time together. And they have some fun in between all of their work on Hampton Water.

And now, Jesse is having some fun at his dad’s expense. That is because he put up billboards in NY, LA, Miami, and social media with his father’s phone number on them. Because of that, the Bon Jovi singer’s phone is blowing up with people calling him.

People like me. So what happens when you call 615-398-2765? You get a message that says, “Hey, it’s Jon Bon Jovi. Leave a message, and I’ll right back to you. Thanks.” I didn’t leave one because what I am going to say to him? I am going to tell him I think he has the best ass in Rock’n’Roll?”

Although I could ask him how he is going to get revenge on his son.

So if you have wanted to tell Bon Jovi what you think of him, now is your chance.

To see the billboards, then


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