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[ # ] Joey Chestnut is out of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
June 11th, 2024 under Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

July 4th is not going to be the same this year. That is because Joey Chestnut will not be participating in this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He has competed 16 times and won all but one.

The competitive eater is out because he is promoting a competing company who make plant-based hot dogs.

Will this be the last time we see him? Major League Eating (MLE), who cosponsors the event with Nathan’s, told The NY Post in a statement, “Joey Chestnut is an American hero. We would love nothing more than to have him at the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest. We hope he returns when he is not representing a rival brand.”

Although I am sad that he will not be part of the contest, I am looking forward to a new winner.

UPDATE: Joey Chestnut responded to being banned from Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on social media.

“I was gutted to learn from the media that after 19 years Im banned from the Nathan’s July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest. I love competing in that event, I love celebrating America with my fans all over this great country on the 4th and I have been training to defend my title.

“To set the record straight, I do not have a contract with MLE or Nathans and they are looking to change the rules from past years as it relates to other partners I can work with. This is apparently the basis on which I’m being banned, and it doesn’t impact the July 4th event.

“Sadly, this is the decision Nathan’s and Major League Eating are making, and it will deprive the great fans of the holiday’s usual joy and entertainment. To my fans, I love you and appreciate you. Rest assured that you’ll see me eat again soon!! STAY HUNGRY!”

I understand why Nathan’s banned him. It is a business, and he did business with a competing company. What did he expect?


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