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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel scandalous prank on Scandal’s Josh Malina
April 20th, 2018 under Jimmy Kimmel, Pranks

I am not sure if you heard this, but Josh Malina is a huge prankster on the set of Scandal. No one was safe from him. For 6 years, the cast has been putting up with him, hoping that one day someone would give him a taste of his own medicine.

That day finally came as the show was wrapping up its run, and the prankster was Jimmy Kimmel. He got Good Morning America in on it too. They had a family on the news show that are huge fans of the show. In order to thank those fans, who are really actors but he does not know that they are, they sent Josh Malina and Katie Lowes to surprise them when they were watching the show.

Sounds boring, but there is a twist! They gave Malina a confetti gun to shoot in the air when he walked through the door. You know where this going, right? As soon as he shot the gun off, elderly mama with a heart condition started to have a heart attack. Now Malina thinks he just a killed a woman. He gets on his knees to comfort her as she is asking why he did that.

You can tell he is about to lose it but in comes the EMTs Kimmel and Guillermo. Just as he is relieved that he did not kill someone, Cousin Sal douses him with a fire hose.

Malina did not see it coming, but he knows he deserved what happened to. The cast agreed because they gave Kimmel a standing ovation after they watched the prank. Poor Josh!


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