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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel responds to Jay Leno tattle-taling on him to Oprah Winfrey
January 29th, 2010 under Jimmy Kimmel

Jay Leno went on Oprah Winfrey to tell his side of the Late Night War he had with Conan O’Brien thanks to NBC. While he was talking to her, she asked him how he felt about the jokes that fellow-late night host Jimmy Kimmel made about him on The Jay Leno Show and he said he felt sucker punched. Jay has been trying to clear up his image by telling everyone that it wasn’t his choice to retire 5 years ago, but NBC’s and if NBC didn’t force him to say that all those years ago none of this would be happening. Well Jimmy Kimmel was very sad about what Jay said about him, that he said, “Excuse me if I look like I’ve been crying – it’s been an Oprah-whelming day for me.” and he then went on to explain his side of the story on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live of what happened the day he did 10@10 on Jay’s show. I can’t believe that the producers of the show actually thought that Kimmel wouldn’t have had made jokes about everything that was going on. That is what late night show hosts do, no? If you can’t handle it, get off the boob tube! Would you miss Leno if he really retired from TV like he said he was going to do 5 years ago?
BTW Jimmy also did a montage of Jay’s appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in cased you missed. In short what you missed is now we know why Jay’s head is so big, because that is the size of his ego. OMG, I thought he came off as such a pompous unlikable jerk during the interview. I am not saying it because of what he said about Jimmy, but because I was watching the interview thinking what an arrogant schmuck. My show was down 14% at 10p as compared to when I was on at 11:30p and Conan’s was down 49% when he took over my timeslot. Well Jay you were down over 49% on most nights from what had aired on NBC during 10p the previous year, so shrink your chin down a few inches. Plus Jay when you first took over The Tonight Show you were not #1, Letterman was and you needed to time to grow an audience just like Conan needed to do if he was given a chance. So that take that up your chin and taste it!!!


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