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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel got a nice girl to rat on her naughty sister!
December 3rd, 2014 under Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo dressed up as Elves, so that they could help out Santa. You see, they had the kids write letters to Old Saint Nick to tell him what they want for Christmas. When they were done, the tykes were brought in to a room to talk to his Elves. What the children didn’t know is that the Elves were going to go over if they were naughty and/or nice. The first victim, I mean kid, was Ryan. She is a sweet little girl who is really nice, but her sister Riley is not. At least that is what the sweet child said so that she could get a lot more gifts than her sister under the tree this year.
Now we don’t if Riley is as bad as she says because she wasn’t there to defend herself. But either way, after watching how Ryan sold her out, I think Riley is in the right. I mean, how can she rat out her sister like that? Poor Riley. Although Ryan is so awwwdorable, how can Santa not give her the over 100 toys she is asking for. Right?


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