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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel goes there with Gerard Butler!!!
September 6th, 2009 under Gerard Butler, Jimmy Kimmel

On Friday night Gerard Butler was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and he told him that he once worked Carny (2nd video) and ran the Wacky Wire game. So Jimmy challenged him to a Wacky Wire challenge to see if Gerard was still as good as he was back during his Carnival days. When Jimmy saw that he was doing really well at the game and wanted to mess him up, he asked (at 4:20 in) him “What’s going on with you and Jennifer Aniston?”. Gerard told him that was a “low blow”, but continued to do OK with the game until Jimmy told him he was doing really good. So I guess that means we now know the answer if Gerard and his co-star are more than lovers in front of the camera, no?


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