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[ # ] Jesse Bradford talks about I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
September 24th, 2009 under I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

Jesse Bradford is starring in the brovie I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell that is out tomorrow and he told me about his role at the premiere of the movie.
Jesse plays Tucker Max’s friend Drew who is bitter because he walked in on his girlfriend blowing a cheesy white rapper. This incident turned him into a huge sonofabitch that suffers from diarrhea of the mouth. He is so freaking obnoxious that you should totally hate his character, but you just can’t. He plays the role just right that he is actually lovable even when he is saying the most obnoxious things. So what does he think he is the deplorable thing he said in the movie, he told me he tells someone, “I’m going to carve a new f*ckhole in your torso.” Sounds pretty bad, but when you see the movie you will understand why he said it and in what context. After that scene he goes to a strip a club and hooks up with a stripper that his friends pay to be just obnoxious to him as he is to everyone else. There interaction is really funny, but when he goes back home with her the way he relates to her son is just so cute. Jesse is just so great in this movie and plays Drew so perfectly that you will totally be crushing on him if you are a girl and if you are a guy you are going to wish you could say half the sh!y he does. So make sure to go see him in I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell tomorrow!


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