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Tucker Max talks about I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell!
September 25th, 2009 under I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. [ Comments: 1 ]

Tucker Max’s hugely successful book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell is having one of the hysterical stories from the book being turned into a movie that is out today! Tucker Max has been touring the country with the movie and on Monday the film had its Hollywood premiere and I was there to talk to him about it and see the hilarious Brovie!!!
I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell is the story about 3 guy friends who take a road trip to a strip club for a makeshift bachelor party for one of them. Once they get to the strip club, one will find love, one will make it with a midget and one will get arrested and the hi-jinx don’t stop there. This movie is the perfect male bonding movie or as I like to call it Brovie as in Bro-movie. You know like Porky’s and The Hangover that every guy wants to experience, but most of them can only do it by watching it in on the big screen. I found myself laughing out loud several times and I am girl.
Matt Czuchry (The Good Wife) brilliantly plays Tucker Max and as the man himself told me, “In some ways he is a better me than me. He’s a lot more likable. He is a lot more demable. He’s like, you actually, kind of, maybe want to hang out with him in real life. Where I don’t know if you want to hang out with me in real life.” I think that is the best way to describe Tucker’s character in the movie. I was telling my friends, he is the type of guy you want to party with but you don’t want to be friends with. Does that make sense? It will when you see the movie. Jesse Bradford plays Drew who spews our bitter one liners that you know you shouldn’t be laughing at, but you can’t help yourself! He is such a sh!t, but so adorable being one! Then there is Geoff Stults (October Road) who is convinced by Tucker to go to the strip club and celebrate his upcoming nuptials and he has the craziest night of them all. I can’t tell you the scene, but there is one with him that will leave you totally squeamish, but the rest of them he is pretty much the straight guy to his two buddies.
Now when it comes to scenes…the ultimate scene that I am sure will be all over YouTube by Monday and will be talked about for years to come is “The sh!t scene”. Here is how Tucker described it, “‘The sh!t scene is definitely the most epic sh!t scene in movie history. I can promise you that. Whatever other flaws the movie may or may not have that scene nails it.” I am not going to tell you the details of the scene because you need to enjoy it by seeing it, but it is seriously the most epic sh!t scene in movie history. And I have to tell you knowing it was going to happen makes it even funnier. Because when the wheels are put into motion, you will start to laugh in anticipation of what you know is going to be going down. Let’s just say Van Wilder is now a distant second when it comes to sh!t scenes. Sincerely that moment in the movie is reason enough to see this Brovie, but there is so much more to enjoy. I think it will become a cult classic on DVD like Office Space, you know where guys will be inviting there buddies over for beer to watch I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell for years to come.
So what is next for Tucker Max? Hopefully working a sequel to this movie with one of the many other stories from his first book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. I say first book because he told me coming in February is his second book A$$holes Finish First. He said AFF is like IHTSBIH as in “short stories about the stupid sh!t I do when I drink.” So I had to ask him what was the stupidest thing he did when he was drunk and you will have to watch the interview above to hear what it was!!!
Now I have to say Tucker Max, when I asked him why I wouldn’t want to hang out with him, he told me it is because he is d!ck and I have to say after interviewing I don’t agree with him! So go out and see the movie that is loosely based on his crazy drinking antics and make sure to have a beer before and after you watch it!!!

Side note, I haven’t read the book but after seeing the movie I am so going to buy it!!!


Jesse Bradford talks about I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
September 24th, 2009 under I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. [ Comments: none ]

Jesse Bradford is starring in the brovie I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell that is out tomorrow and he told me about his role at the premiere of the movie.
Jesse plays Tucker Max’s friend Drew who is bitter because he walked in on his girlfriend blowing a cheesy white rapper. This incident turned him into a huge sonofabitch that suffers from diarrhea of the mouth. He is so freaking obnoxious that you should totally hate his character, but you just can’t. He plays the role just right that he is actually lovable even when he is saying the most obnoxious things. So what does he think he is the deplorable thing he said in the movie, he told me he tells someone, “I’m going to carve a new f*ckhole in your torso.” Sounds pretty bad, but when you see the movie you will understand why he said it and in what context. After that scene he goes to a strip a club and hooks up with a stripper that his friends pay to be just obnoxious to him as he is to everyone else. There interaction is really funny, but when he goes back home with her the way he relates to her son is just so cute. Jesse is just so great in this movie and plays Drew so perfectly that you will totally be crushing on him if you are a girl and if you are a guy you are going to wish you could say half the sh!y he does. So make sure to go see him in I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell tomorrow!


The I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell premiere!!!
September 22nd, 2009 under I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. [ Comments: 1 ]

After touring the country, the hysterical Brovie (Bro-movie) I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, that is out on Friday, September 25th had its Hollywood premiere and I was there at the Arclight to cover it!!!

I have to admit I never heard of Tucker Max and his sexual escapades before this movie and after seeing I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell loosely based on his life, I can’t wait to read his book! He told me he has another book coming out in February and wait until you hear the title of his next best seller. Also on Friday when I post my interview with him, you will hear about one the drunkest moments in his life!

Jesse Bradford plays a bitter sarcastic wise cracking guy who was just broke up with is girlfriend because he walked in on her blowing some cheesy rapper and let me tell you he is f*cking brilliant in the role. Even though he plays an a$$hole in the movie, I was oddly attracted to him. Later on in the week, you will have to hear what his favorite obnoxious line is that he said in the movie!

Traci Lords has a crappy part in this movie, but you will be seriously laughing your a$$ off when you see her scene in it. She told me her next movie, Au Pair Kansas will be hitting the festival circuit soon and unlike this movie it is a serious one.

Brooke Long plays a stripper who Tucker Max dumps for Bridgette the Midget. But even though Tucker Max doesn’t want her, she is doing OK because her next movie is Iron Man 2 playing an Ironette. For you boys who want to spend April 2010, you pick up the 2010 SNI Calendar with her in it!

Elise Ivy has one of the best nicknames in any movie, it is Mary Queen of Twats and when you see the movie you will understand why she gets the name. Coming up she is starring in a movie called Please Give.

Ali Costello plays a bachelorette who has the misfortune of meeting Tucker max and his friends at her party with Mary Queen of Twats. Next up she is starring in the movie Burn Off.

Susie Abromeit plays one of Tucker Max’s many loves in the movie. Next up for she is a doing an urban legend movie for SyFy called Moth Man and she is also starring in Battle: Los Angles with Ne-Yo and Aaron Eckhart that filmed in Shreveport, LA the same place they filmed IHTSBIH.

Veronica Rayne had a difficult role in the movie, she played herself. She also told me that when she was filming in the movie she found out that she went to high school with co-star Keri Lynn Pratt and that Tucker Max went to their rival school. Talk about small world. Next month you can see her in the Swollen Members music video for Porn Star.

Bob Gosse directed this ultimate Brovie that guys will be watching religiously for years to come. When I asked him what was the Seriously? OMG! moment in the movie, he told me it is on that comes towards the end of the movie and let me tell you it is one of the biggest Seriously? OMG! moments in any movie in a really long time.

Shane Sparks came out to the premiere because he heard this was going to be a fun movie and we talked So You Think You Can Dance and who he thinks should win America’s Best Dance Challenge! I really like Shane, so it was super cool to meet one of the best choreographers from SYTYCD!

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is a hysterical brovie that will have you laughing so hard and so many scenes that will you will be talking about for years to come! It has a great cast and for you guys lots of pretty girls that you will want to run out and see this movie on Friday when it comes out and buy the DVD when it is available because you will want to watch this movie over and over again with your bromates on those drunken nights that you are stuck at home. Here is the red band trailer for a little taste of what Tucker Max does for fun!



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