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[ # ] Jerry O’Connell’s daughters hate his singing
October 21st, 2019 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn

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Teach Your Children Well

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Jerry O’Connell is a big Prince fan and he is hoping his daughters will love the late the singer as much as he does. Therefore, the other day when the girls were trapped in the car with him, he played When Doves Cry for them. What did Charlie and Dolly think of the iconic single? To put it mildly, they hated it. However, it might not be the tune that caused them to want the actor to shut it off, it might have been his singing. Now we know he is a double threat. Although, have we seen him dance?

Talking about a double threat, everyone take a moment and pray for O’Connell. His twins are at that age where they have turned into teenagers even though are just 10. My friend’s kid is a little younger than them and she already is at that fun stage. At least my friend only has one girl, Jerry has two which means twice the bitchiness. Poor Jerry.


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