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[ # ] Jem and the Hologram’s box office is truly disastrous!
October 25th, 2015 under Movies

Did you forget that Jem and the Holograms came out this weekend? Don’t worry so did almost everyone else because the movie had the Worst Opening Weekend for a major studio release in over 2,000 theaters and fourth overall in the category.
How low did it go? According to Box Office Mojo, it made a whopping $1,320,000 even though it played in 2,413 theaters. That is an average of just $547 per theater. Ouch!
Not that I am complaining because that is what they get for destroying the classic cartoon and making it into a piece of sh!t film that has nothing to do with the original concept. So we had the last laugh. Ha ha!
Jem wasn’t the only movie that bombed this weekend. Bill Murray’s Rock the Kasbah opened up to just $1,509,816 in 2012 theaters, averaging $750 per theater. Ouch.
All of this news made Zac Efron a very happy man this weekend, because his movie We Are Friends bumped up two spots to 6th Worst Opening Movie and 3rd Worst Opener for a Very Wide Release. So it wasn’t all bad.
In a few weeks, all of these box office numbers will mean absolutely nothing because all we will be talking about is all the records that Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaks.


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